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Color Theory: Just as a point space can be defined by is position in the three special dimensions (height, width, depth), color also has its own three dimensions. Any single color can be described by its three dimensions.

Three dimensions of color

• Hue
• Chroma
• Value

Basic terms & concepts:

• Color as light
• The visible spectrum
• wavelengths
• White light
• Reflection, Transmission, Absorption, Refraction
• Additive Color vs. Subtractive Color
• Light Primaries vs. Pigment Primaries

Color as Light

• Every color you have ever seen was due to colored light.
• Your eye sees only light–never the surface, never a pigment, paint or dye, and never the object.
• The nerves at the back of our eye are photo-sensors –they respond to light.
• Since we see light, but we most often mix pigment –in paint, or ink, or dyes –we must understand both color as light and color as a pigment. That is, we must understand additive color (light) and subtractive color (pigment)

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Contents of Color Theory:

• Intrinsic Value
• Primary/Secondary/Tertiary
• Strict vs. Chromatic Neutral,
• Tint, Shade, Tone
• Analogous/Adjacent
• Local vs. Atmospheric Clr
• Color & temperature
• Pigment vs. Light Primaries
• Surface qualities
• Transparency/alpha

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