LND Workbook Class 3 – Single Nation Curriculum

LND Work Book Class 3 – Single Nation Curriculum: LND workbook of knowledge publications is a well-renowned book for classes 1,2,3. It is the only book that contains all SLOs of the Single National Curriculum. In this workbook, every SLO is explained in very explicit and exercising material. The best way to perfect use this book is to teach it regularly and ask the children to practice giving SLOs on given material and space on this LND workbook.

The book contains color pictures and color action words to make children convenient. Knowledge Publications has also initiated a series of math for SNC with the name of Math Master series. This series thoroughly covers all Single National Curriculum Math books. Details of features of LND are given below in the form of contents.

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LND Work Book Class 3 Table of Contents

Identify the pictures
Action words
Match Capital Letters To Small Letters
Missing Alphabets
Alphabetical order of words
Use of article A, An
Pronouns and Helping Verbs
Is, Am, Are
I – We – You – They
Use of Has/ Have
Use of his/her
Action Words
Adjective of size Colour, Quality & Quantity
Two and three letter blends
Digraph & Tri-graph
Plural of Simple Naming Words
Capitalization (Common Noun & Proper Noun)
Arranging Sentences Subject Verb Object (Agreement)
English and Urdu Counting
Even & Odd Numbers
Place Value
Compare the Equation
Unit Fraction (up to 1/12)
Complete The Equations

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LND Work Book Class 3 – Single Nation Curriculum


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