Past Tense – Jack Reacher Book 23 by Lee Child

Past Tense – Jack Reacher Book 23 by Lee Child: Jack Reacher is back and is ready to amuse the readers as well as entertain them with his new adventure.  Jack Reacher has set on in the search of nature and to explore the world around him. He is going along the road to California from the city town Maine. He is in search of sun setting in the summer to enjoy the long sunbaths and sun shine. He has covered a little distance when he caught sight of sing board which seems familiar to Jack. He remembers that it is the birth place of his father. He decides to stay there in the town to know about the town and its inhabitants.

He has never visited that place and so he quickly makes up his mind to spend one day there and feels the warmth of his father’ birth place. As he is near the town, he sees a car that stops quite near him and breaks down. The persons in the car are Canadian and are going to New York City in order to sell the treasure they had in the car. Lee Child is digging the past tense

Jack is also anxious to visit the place because his father had never been to the town after he had left it and settled in the New York. A strange thought strikes his mind and starts wondering whether his father ever lived in this small town or it were a concocted story told by the old women.

Past Tense | Lee Child

His sixth sense proves true more than often and the same happens in this case also.After spending the night in an unknown bar, Jack Reacher goes to the office of the city clerk. On asking about the detailed history of Reacher family, the clerk frankly and flatly tells Jack Reacher that there has never been in family of this surname in this town. Disturbed, surprised and bewildered, Jack is not ready to believe the story of the office clerk. Past tense of his father is in hidden in the layers of darkness.

Jack Reacher sets on discovering the dark past of his father and the family. As he starts to look into the matter, different incidents and horrible events follow him these attacks and strange happening clearly are signaling that something is surely rotten in the bottom. So he decides to bring the dark into the light and to explore the unexplored.

His investigation unveils the bitter fact that present can be full of tension but past is surely devastating.His quest becomes the cause of another adventure that follows the nail biting incidents, heart burning facts and sparking ashes.

Just read and discover how Lee Child has made his hero face the unseen giants and undiscovered tunnels which are there to enslave Jack Reacher and burn him into ashes.

Past Tense  is the kind of explosive thriller only Lee Child could write and only Jack Reacher could survive, a heart-racing page-turner no suspense fan will want to miss.

About Author

Lee Child is one among the world’s leading heroic tale writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and currently lives in big apple. . . Lee is that the recipient of the many awards, last Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. Lee Child is a more painter than the mere writer. He illustrates his character as if he living legend and is full of life.

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Book detail

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  • Publication date : November 5, 2018
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