Small Wars – Jack Reacher Book 19.5 by Lee Child

Never Go Back – Jack Reacher Book 19.5 by Lee Child: Lee Child has come back with bang and this time, he has come with small wars. This new masterpiece is full of stormy actions, deadly fights and bombastic dialogues.  Giants, gangsters and snipers are present to get rid of Jack Reacher. They have become allied on single point and that is the killing of Jack Reacher to continue their illegal business.

Lee Child is making his hero versatile and the readers will surely notice this change in the novel small wars. The story is plain but the crafty hands of Lee Child have converted it into a delicate piece of writing.

Small wars | Lee Child

A female lieutenant is murdered in the army base. The authority is annoyed at the situation and they send Jack Reacher to find out the murderer of the lieutenant. The murdered lieutenant is Caroline Crawford. Jack reaches the army base and starts investigation about the crime. He does not get proper information regarding the back ground of the female lieutenant.

The investigation discloses that she was working on classified plan which is about Pentagon. Jack collects different clues and evidences and he seems to conclude that the murder was a sort of carjacking but if he focuses his attention to this one point, it means that he is not Jack Reacher but perhaps his duplicate copy. As many of the basic questions remain unanswerable, they deep probe into the matter. Small wars are going to start.

 Jack Reacher meets her brother and collects some important clues and doubts about the murder of the female lieutenant. The police and the other agencies are hesitant whether it is murder or homicide. However, jack continues his investigation and gathers all the bits and pieces together to reach at the final decision. These clues are enough to explain what would have happened with the victim. The reader is to walk along with jack Reacher to find who is the murderer and why is she killed mercilessly. Lee Child is focusing on making jack a marvelous hero

A short novel instead of full length novel is there to attract the reader and he is not to wait for long to reach at some conclusion and unveil the secret hands behind the conspiracy.

Surely murder is not an ordinary murder nor it is a usual incident but must be of huge importance and definitely, some conspiracy is present behind the murder of the lieutenant. Only the detail reading would be helpful in discovering and disclosing each and every hand involved in this murder and small wars.

Small Wars is the kind of explosive thriller only Lee Child could write and only Jack Reacher could survive, a heart-racing page-turner no suspense fan will want to miss.

About Author

Lee Child is one among the world’s leading heroic tale writers. He was born in Coventry, raised in Birmingham, and currently lives in big apple. . . Lee is that the recipient of the many awards, last Author of the Year at the 2019 British Book Awards. Lee Child is a more painter than the mere writer. He illustrates his character as if he living legend and is full of life.

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Book detail

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