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Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy. Today we are going to address a very important question, a much overused question “what’s up meaning”. What’s up is one of those generic phrases that you will get asked time and time again, a question to which we are all socially programmed to answer not much you now.

I’m going to provide you with some alternative responses about what’s up meaning. I’m not going to commit to the objective funny. I will say that are different and potentially interesting. If you are learning English as a Second Language and hopefully this lesson will help you understand a little bit more about the British sense of humor. It should assist you in expanding your vocabulary slightly. You don’t have to just respond with nothing much or good thanks you.

20 Ways to understand what’s up meaning

Right let’s get started with the lesson so a lot of these responses are quite a sarcastic. When we ask the question what’s up we are asking sort of what are you doing? How are you? How are you doing? We expect a generic answer but sometimes we want to provide the Oscar with something a little bit different.

  1. Take a look at my first example what’s up. Well it’s a movie about an old guy who makes his house fly away and captures a small child. This is because we are sarcastically presuming that the person asking the question is asking about the movie.
  2. Number two what’s up my blood pressure actually.
  3. Another option continuing on the unhappy theme what’s up my rent, my taxes, and my bills etc.? This is true! Life is getting in very expensive well we could have a nice one.
  4. Number four what’s up my serotonin levels after seeing you my friend. I like that one. I think, I’m gonna use it more frequently or we could add a little suspicion into the mix.
  5. Number five what’s up why, what did you hear? Well, we could take the question more literally
  6. Number six what’s up, it’s a two letter word indicating direction or if you like grammar.
  7. Number seven, what’s up a preposition because it is another one.
  8. Number eight, what’s up not my salary unfortunately? In a previous article, which I will link down below, we did discuss the difference between wages and salary. If you want to use a general term you can say okay.
  9. Number nine, what’s up my anxiety levels? It’s true story.
  10. Another one what’s up aeroplanes, birds and clouds. what do you want from me stop asking this boring question.
  11. Ooh! the next one is quite threatening number eleven what’s up your time on earth.
  12. Just be really honest and say what’s up the opposite of down.
  13. Now another one that I really like. Because I feel like people ask what’s up when they don’t really care about what you have to say.
  14. So you could kind of scare them and say something like how much time do you have? Honestly so much, is up I’m so stressed. Let me tell you everything or this great answer.
  15. What’s up something really refuses to give to anyone.
  16. Some other obvious ones we could say what’s up the sky.
  17. What’s up the ceiling
  18. What’s up a couple of planets?
  19. You could also mention some uncomfortable to some social issues like homelessness or childhood obesity.
  20. You just want to be really honest you could reply to what’s up with not me actually I’ve been feeling a bit down.


Right that’s it, for today’s lesson I hope you enjoyed what’s up meaning. I hope you learnt some new creative and different ways of responding to that totally boring question what’s up meaning. I will see you soon for another article.

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