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GIVE AND TAKE: A Revolutionary Approach to Success: On a sunny Saturday evening in Silicon Valley, two pleased dads remained on the sidelines of a soccer field. They were viewing their young little girls play together, and it wouldn’t have been long until they struck up a discussion about work.

The taller of the two men was Danny Shader, a sequential business person who had invested energy at Netscape, Motorola, and Amazon. Extraordinary, dim haired, and fit for discussing business perpetually, Shader was in his late thirties when he propelled his first organization, and he got a kick out of the chance to consider himself the “elderly person of the Internet.” He adored structure organizations, and he was simply getting his fourth start-up off the ground.

By Adam Grant

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Contents of GIVE AND TAKE: A Revolutionary Approach to Success:

1 Good Returns
The Dangers and Rewards of Giving More Than You Get
2 The Peacock and the Panda
How Givers, Takers, and Matchers Build Networks
3 The Ripple Effect
Collaboration and the Dynamics of Giving and Taking Credit
4 Finding the Diamond in the Rough
The Fact and Fiction of Recognizing Potential
5 The Power of Powerless Communication
How to Be Modest and Influence People
6 The Art of Motivation Maintenance
Why Some Givers Burn Out but Others Are On Fire
7 Chump Change
Overcoming the Doormat Effect
8 The Scrooge Shift
Why a Soccer Team, a Fingerprint, and a Name Can Tilt Us in the Other Direction
9 Out of the Shadows


The editors/writer of the book GIVE AND TAKE: A Revolutionary Approach to Success:

Adam Grant


Information about GIVE AND TAKE: A Revolutionary Approach to Success eBook
Book Name: GIVE AND TAKE: A Revolutionary Approach to Success
Writer/Editor: Adam Grant
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 260
Size: 1.58 MB

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