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Foundations of Comparative Politics: This book is the result of our discussions and contacts with many people at various places in the last few years. Ken Newton might want to thank the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin for time spent there looking into and composing early drafts of sections.

Wolfgang Zapf and Roland Habich made this conceivable with a thoughtful welcome to join their gathering as a guest. Tom Cusack, Jan Delhey, Wolf-Dieter Eberwein, Dieter Fuchs, Rick Hofferbert, Ron Inglehart, Max Kaase, Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Christiane Neumann, Marion Obermaier and Edeltraud Roller all consolidated to make the visits both superb and profitable.

By Ken Newton

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Contents of Foundations of Comparative Politics:

List of briefings page xviii
List of fact files xx
List of controversies xxi
List of tables xxii
List of figures xxiii
Preface to the second edition xxiv
Acknowledgements xxv
List of abbreviations and acronyms xxvi
Key terms and concepts xxviii
How to use this book xxix
Introduction 1
Why comparative politics? 1
Understanding our own country 1
Understanding other countries 2
Constructing valid generalisations 2
The strengths and weakness of cross-national
comparative political science 4
The pros and cons of cross-national comparative
politics 5
It cannot answer questions of values 5
It lacks evidence 5
It deals in probabilities not certainties or laws 6

The editors/writer of the book Foundations of Comparative Politics:

Ken Newton


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