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You really should be reading the Michael Bennett series by James Bennett wears several hats: he’s an NYPD detective who is a part of the significant Crimes unit, a widower, and also the father of 10 children. He is assisted at the joys and duties of the latter by his uncle Seamus (who’s also a Roman Catholic priest) and Mary Catherine, the household’s indispensable grandma and Bennett’s on-again, off-again intimate interest. It’s a mix that shouldn’t work, but it will. If somebody is casting about for a TV set, they ought to be looking here, since there is an almost perfect balance between quite tough and household tender in these pages. As soon as you start the series, it’s impossible to pass up as it progresses.

BURN is the latest installment from the series and by far the very best to date. The book finds out the Bennett household, after being in a somewhat de facto witness protection scenario in southern California, returned with their own cherished digs in New York.

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As if Bennett did not have enough on his plate, one of his kids Is suddenly at risk of being removed from his family. Bennett is as competent a man as one is likely to encounter, but the primary question posed here is: Would he keep his job and family intact? It’ll take you until nearly the close of the book to discover, however you’ll love every paragraph of this narrative while you’re doing this.

The Main element of this show is Bennett’s first person Narrative, which provides a peek into his spirit, his heart. You will like what you see. He is a hard man when he needs to be, but it is not his default setting. There are points in the narrative at which you might wonder how Bennett keeps his sanity together with all that’s going on, but you soon realize he does it the exact same way that someone would eat an elephant: a snack at a time. Furthermore, Patterson and Ledwidge infuse a subtle allure to the show that offsets the often gritty nature of the offenses that Bennett is tasked with resolving.

Favorites of the Patterson-authored series, and it will do the same for You in the event that you try it out.

Gone Michael Bennett Book Details

Publisher:Grand Central Publishing
Publication date:04/07/2015
Series:Michael Bennett Series
Edition description:Reprint
Sales rank:45,439
Product dimensions:5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.40(d)
Source: Gone Michael Bannett

Michael Bennett Series

Michael Bennett is 6 foot 3 inches, weighs 200 lbs, and is Irish American. He lives in New York City with his 10 adopted children who he cares with the assistance of his au pair, Mary Catherine, along with his grandfather Seamus. His wife, Maeve, died due to cancer in December, 2007.

Michael Bennett became a priest to uncover the truth at all costs. He started his law enforcement career in the Bronx 49th Precinct. Then he moved to the NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team and remained there until he transferred into the Manhattan North Homicide Squad.

Bennett’s 10 kids are Juliana, Chrissy, Trent, Shawna, twins Fiona and Bridget, Eddie, Jane, Brian, Ricky.

Michael met his wife Maeve while they were working in the Bronx. She Worked in the trauma ward at Jacobi Hospital, just around the corner out of Bennett’s first posting. Since her death in 2007, Michael is still single, but is gradually beginning to date again.

The Michael Bennett series has 13 books, Step on a Crack, Run for Your Life, Worst Case, Tick Tock, I, Michael Bennett, Gone, Burn, Alert, Bullseye, Haunted, Ambush, Blindside and Triple Homicide.

About James Patterson

Who is James Patterson? James Patterson is a successful author who has written science fiction, thrillers, detective stories, romance, young adult books and much more. His first successful series featured psychologist Alex Cross. Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for having the most books on ‘The New York Times’ best seller.

James Patterson first book was published in 1976. While being a published author, he continued moving up the ranks of the advertising world until 1996, when he decided to leave his entire life as an executive to concentrate on writing full time.

James Patterson was a fantastic student but didn’t enjoy reading until after he graduated high school. Patterson left Vanderbilt University after a year, then took a job as a copywriter at ad agency J. Walter Thompson in 1971.

James Patterson Books

James Patterson books in series, Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett Series, Private, Investigation Discovery, NYPD Red, Harriet Blue, Invisible, Instinct, Texas Ranger, Hawk, Maximum Ride, Daniel X, Witch & Wizard, Middle Grade Series, Dog Diaries, Jacky Ha-Ha, House of Robots, Treasure Hunters, I Funny, Max Einstein, Middle School, Confessions and Crazy House.

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