Climate Change and Migration: A World Bank Study

Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change and Migration: A World Bank Study are significant worries in the MENA locale, yet the exact proof on the effect of environmental change and extraordinary climate occasions on relocation stays constrained. Data is comprehensively missing on how families in defenseless territories see changes in the atmosphere, how they are influenced by outrageous climate occasions, regardless of whether they profit by network and government projects to help them adapt to and adjust to an evolving atmosphere, and how these conditions impact the choice of family unit individuals to relocate, either briefly or forever.

This initial part outlines quickly the fundamental aftereffects of the examination which depended on existing information just as center gatherings and new family unit overview gathered in 2011 in Algeria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Morocco, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Republic of Yemen. The outcomes propose that family units do see imperative changes in the atmosphere and that numerous family units are being influenced by outrageous climate occasions bringing about misfortunes in pay, harvests, and domesticated animals.

The adapting and adjustment systems utilized by family units to manage climate stuns are various, however additionally restricted, with most family units not ready to recoup from the negative effect of climate stuns. The capacity of network level reactions and government programs to help family units is additionally constrained. At long last, while environmental change isn’t today the fundamental driver of relocation streams, it appears to add to these streams, and compounding climatic conditions are probably going to intensify future movement streams.

 By Quentin Wodon, Andrea Liverani, George Joseph.

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Contents of Climate Change and Migration: A World Bank Study:

Chapter 1. Climate Change, Migration, and Adaptation in the MENA Region
Part 1. Focus Countries and Data
Chapter 2. Impacts, Coping Strategies, and Adaptation Mechanisms
Chapter 3. Weather Shocks, Impacts, and Households’ Ability to Recover in Morocco
Chapter 4. Perceptions of Climate Change, Weather Shocks, and Impacts on Households
Chapter 5. How Do Households Cope with and Adapt to Climate Change?
Chapter 6. Do Changes in Weather Patterns and the Environment Lead to Migration?
Chapter 7. Climate-Induced Migration in the MENA Region: Results from the Qualitative Fieldwork
Chapter 8. Is Climate Change Likely to Lead to Higher Net Internal Migration? The Republic of Yemen’s Case
Chapter 9. Extreme Weather Events and Migration: The Case of Morocco
Chapter 10. Do Remittances Reach Households Living in Unfavorable
Chapter 11. Does the Impact of Remittances on Poverty and Human

The editors/writer of the book Climate Change and Migration:

Quentin Wodon, Andrea Liverani, George Joseph

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