Chemistry Objective 11 Notes

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An Insight Into Chemistry Objective 11

             Chemistry is, actually, hardware science of the universe, physics of software. This is because, the universe is made up of chemistry, and is running by physics. Previously, chemistry was concerned about making gold from cheap metals, but now it has succeeded in making such materials, as have eclipsed the holy face of gold. Biomaterials and nanomaterials are the examples of such marvels. This is how this mother science is important and valuable for us.

                   Any academic success owes to intelligent students, able teachers and worthy literature. The third one is rare, though the first one is in plenty and the second one is also enough in our country. The book, “AN INSIGHT INTO OBJECTIVE CHEMISTRY” is an exception, and is compiled to fill the very room left. It has three prominances-concepts, language and the pattern of the book. I will only highlight the third aspect, the first two will convince you by themselves.

                  The book covers 61 out of 85 marks of the theory paper, containing short and multiple-choice questions. Important extensive questions have been mentioned, but their answers will be provided in another book, “THE ESSENTIALS OF CHEMISTRY- A 40 Days Manual”. In the present book, each chapter starts with topic-wise short questions, collected from the article as well as from the textbook exercise. The important short questons have been highlighted.

                    Next are important long questions, selected from all Punjab previous board papers, with their respective ranking in the form of stars. Then comes the MCQs section, which has been divided into three categories: A-Textbook Exercise; B-Previous Boards Essentials and C-Textbook Conceptual. The B portion contains important MCQs selected from all previous boards papers, from 2011 to 2017. The C portion presents MCQs, extracted from the textbook and are arranged in topic-wise manner. They are equally well for board exams and all entrance tests like MCAT & ECAT etc. The answer key has been given in the end.

                The explanation of the MCQs answers has not been included in this book, in order to prevent it from being bulky and costly. Rather, the solutions of the highly conceptual and complicated MCQs have been provided in the form of a free android application.

            The book is being published by Al-Fauz Educations, a moral and natural sciences institute, established to serve two purposes. First, to provide real and conceptual education and second to prepare and propagate state of the art literary and educational material to the students, both in print as well as in soft form.

             A lot of our educational apps have been launched recently, which have won great popularity and appreciation from the viewers and the readers, due to their unique and creative themes. A team of professionals and volunteers is working in affiliation with the institute, including authors, co-authors, and language and computer experts. How much have we succeeded in our aims, is on you to decide.

            Finally, I’ll thank to all who participated in this smart work, and hope that this will prove beneficial for the students. To err is human. If someone finds any mistake, please point out either in the form of comments in our android app, or email us. You will be welcomed for your comments.


Ejaz Husain Abbasi,

Principal Al-Fauz Educations

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