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Chemistry 9 Easy Notes: The information that gives comprehension of this world and how it functions, is chemistry. The part of science which manages the synthesis, structure, properties and responses of matter is called chemistry. It manages each part of our life. The advancement of science and innovation has given us a lot of offices in day by day life. Envision the job and significance of petrochemical items, meds, and medications, cleanser, cleansers, paper, plastics, paints and shades, bug sprays, pesticides which all are product of the endeavors of chemists.

The advancement of synthetic industry has likewise produced harmful squanders, debased water and contaminated air around us. Then again, science additionally gives learning and procedures to enhance our wellbeing and condition and to investigate and to preserve the common assets. In this section, we will learn about various parts of science, essential definitions and ideas of science.

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Chemistry 9 Easy Notes Contents

Unit 1 Fundamentals of Chemistry
Unit 2 Structure of Atoms
Unit 3 Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
Unit 4 Structure of Molecules
Unit 5 Physical States of Matter
Unit 6 Solutions
Unit 7 Electrochemistry
Unit 8 Chemical Reactivity

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