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Encyclopedia of Government and Politics: This reference book is the result of more than three years of arrangement, arranging, influence and, in a couple of cases, pressure. We are thankful to the majority of our associate patrons who have worked so well to deliver an exceptionally intriguing furthermore, recognized record of the fundamental topics and subjects which comprise the investigation of politics and government.

By Mary Hawkesworth

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Contents of Encyclopaedia of Government and Politics:

Part I Introduction
1 The science of politics and the politics of science 5
Mary Hawkesworth
Part II Political theory: central concepts
2 Conceptions of the state 43
Andrew Vincent
3 Conceptions of power 56
Jeffrey Isaac
4 Conceptions of law 70
Geoffrey Marshall
5 Conceptions of justice 80
Kai Nielsen
6 Conceptions of human nature 103
Leslie Stevenson
7 Conceptions of legitimacy 116
Mattei Dogan
Part III Contemporary ideologies
8 Liberalism 129
R.Bruce Douglass
9 Conservatism 139
Kenneth R.Hoover
10 Marxism 155
Tom Bottomore
11 Fascism 167
Stanley Payne
12 Fundamentalism 179
Adele Ferdows and Paul Weber
Part IV Contemporary political systems
13 Liberal democracies 195
G.Bingham Powell
14 Communist and post-communist systems 215
Leslie Holmes
15 Contemporary authoritarian regimes 229
James Malloy
16 Military dictatorships 247
Talukder Maniruzzaman
Part V Political institutions
17 Executives 267
Jean Blondel
18 Legislatures 279
19 Courts 293
John Schmidhauser
20 Bureaucracies 304
Ferrel Heady
21 Intergovernmental relations: unitary systems 316
22 Intergovernmental relations: federal systems 336
Grant Harman

The editors/writer of the book Encyclopedia of Government and Politics:

Mary Hawkesworth


Information about Encyclopaedia of Government and Politics eBook
Book Name: Encyclopedia of Government and Politics
Writer/Editor: Mary Hawkesworth
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 668
Size: 3.23 MB

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