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Spoken English – Flourish Your Language: If you’re a person whose mother-tongue is not English, the chances are, you’ve learnt English in the ‘non-natural way’. That is, you’ve learnt English in a way that is opposite to the way of natural language acquisition. Not only you! there are many people face this strange problem.

According to my way, supernatural way of learning the English language has to major steps. First, learn to speak and then write on paper.

Those people who do not learn English the natural way, know reasonable English – or even excellent English. And if you ask them to write a report or something in English, they may do it fairly well. But, if you ask them to speak to you about the same thing, they find it hard to do. Or even impossible.

Robert Carmen

Spoken English- Flourish Your Language ( PDFhive.com )

Contents of Spoken English- Flourish Your Language:

1. Contractions 8

2. Pronunciation 24

3. Vowels 42

4. Stress in English Language 49

5. List of English Symbols 63

6. Conversation 71

7. Common Errors 100

8. Tongue Twisters 114

9. Phrasal Verbs 118

10. Prepositional Verbs 192

11. Cliche 194

12. Slangs 208

The editors/writer of the book Spoken English- Flourish Your Language is:

Robert Carmen

Information about Spoken English- Flourish Your Language Pdf eBook
Book Name: Spoken English- Flourish Your Language
Writer/Editor: Robert Carmen
Language: ENGLISH
Online Reading: Yes (Full Book)
Android App: No
PDF Download: Yes (Full Book)
Available Format: Online, PDF
Result: HD (Printable)
Pages: 225
Size: 5.58 MB


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