Undone – Kelly Rimmer

Undone – Kelly Rimmer: The only Guarantee she Has ever been prepared to Create Would Be not to State “I do”

Running a significant tech firm without breaking a sweat? No problem. But being bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding is providing Jess Cohen a bad case of the jitters. Maybe that is because she will have to face the groom’s brother, Jake–the man she has been avoiding for the past couple of years. Jake, who’s loyal, loving and all wrong for someone who refuses to be tied down. If only Jess’s heart might remember that.

Jake Winton spent four months secretly relationship Jess, and the past two years attempting –and failing–to forget her. He had been ready to suggest, confident Jess was every bit as in love with him as he was with her. Now he is sure their relationship remains there, attractive and indisputable. Whatever she’s holding back, he can manage –if only she will trust him with her secrets, her fears and her own heart.

Source: Undone – Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer resides in rural Australia with her husband, two kids, and beautifully naughty dogs Sully and Basil. Her novels have been translated into over twenty languages.

Undone – Kelly Rimmer Book Details

Publication date:02/25/2020
Series:Start Up in the City , #3
Edition description:Original
Sales rank:279,469
Product dimensions:4.10(w) x 6.50(h) x 1.20(d)
Source: Undone – Kelly Rimmer

About Kelly Rimmer

Kelly Rimmer is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and internationally best selling author of contemporary and historical fiction novels like The Secret Daughter, When I Lost You, A Mother’s Confession, Undone – Kelly Rimmer, The Things We Cannot Say, Me Without You and Truths I Never Told You. Her second novel, The Warsaw Orphan, will be published in 2021. Kelly resides in rural Australia with her loved ones and a whole menagerie of poorly behaved animals.

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