Before I Let You Go – Kelly Rimmer

Before I Let You Go is a heartbreaking book about an impossible decision. Kelly Rimmer writes with compassion and wisdom about the relationships between sisters, mom and daughter. Kelly Rimmer catches the anguish of dependence, the agonizing conflict between an enthusiast’s best and worst selves. Most importantly this is a book about the strangest love possible.”

The 2:00 a.m. call is the first time Lexie Vidler has heard her sister’s voice in years. Lexie has always bailed Annie out, awarded her money, a place to sleep, delivered her to every sort of rehabilitation. But this time, she is not just strung out–she’s pregnant and in early labour. When she goes into the hospital, then she’ll lose custody of her infant –possibly even go to jail. But the alternative is unthinkable.

The writer of this book “Before I Let You Go” is Kelly Rimmer.

As the weeks unfold, Lexie finds herself caring for her delicate newborn niece while her carefully arranged life is falling around her. She’s at risk of losing her job, along with her fiancé only has so much patience for Annie’s drama. In court-ordered rehab, Annie tries to stop her downward spiral by confronting long-buried secrets from the sisters’ childhoods, ghosts that Lexie doesn’t want to face. However, will the journey cure Annie, or direct her down a darker path?

Both blunt and compassionate, Before I Let You Go explores a hotly divisive subject and asks how far the ties of family love can be stretched until they eventually break.

Before I Let You Go Details

Publisher:Graydon House Books
Publication date:04/03/2018
Edition description:Original
Sales rank:28,509
Product dimensions:5.60(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.20(d)
Source: Before I Let You Go

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