American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1

American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1: Mitch Rapp was a gifted college athlete with no worry in the world, and the tragedy hit. Terrorists targeted innocent American citizens. Rapp’s girlfriend was one of the victims. Two hundred and seventy people lost their lives on the cold night of December, and thousands of family members and acquaintances were left looking for some comfort. Mitch Rapp was one of the victims. However, he was not seeking security. Now, he is seeking retribution.

A decade of partisan political machinations has put the CIA and the nation in a position of increased risk. Cold War veteran CIA Operations Director Thomas Stansfield knows he must prepare his troops for the next battle. America has to confront Islamic terrorists with all of its might.

So Stansfield has his protegee Irene Kennedy and his former Cold War colleague, Stan Hurley, to create a group of operatives in clandestine operations that will operate outside the usual chain of command. These men are not even in existence.

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American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1

What kind of person would be willing to sacrifice his country without wearing the uniform? Six months of rigorous training has prepared him to fight the war on the battlefield and do so with extreme efficiency. Rapp begins his mission in Istanbul in which he kills his Turkish arms dealer, who provided the explosives used for the attack. Rapp continues to Hamburg and his team, and all across Europe, leaving the trail of bodies.

The roads all lead to Beirut, but Rapp doesn’t realize that the adversary knows of his presence and sets up an elaborate trap. The hunter is set to be hunted, and Rapp will require every bit of skill and savvy to be able to survive the city devastated by war and the various terrorist groups.

This is “a brave and tough tale that never lets up. The voice of the postmodern thriller generation Flynn is never more compelling” ( The Providence Journal) in this epic novel about an unassuming young man who is destined to be an American assassin.

The book, American Assassin is considered one of Vince Flynn masterpieces.

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American Assassin Book Read Time

The Normal read time of “American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1” is just over 8 and half hour, nevertheless If you’ve got the hardcover book as I do, then it was easily read in about seven and an half hour. Overall American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1 book was amazing, short read time and simple to understand.

Start with is a wonderful weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1” very helpful.

American Assassin – Mitch Rapp Book 1 Details

Vince Flynn Biography

Vince Flynn was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1966. The year he graduated, he attended the University of St. Thomas and began his career as an account manager and sales marketing specialist at Kraft Foods. The year 1990 was the first time he was offered an aviation-related position within the United States Marine Corps but was disqualified medically before commencing the course.

Instead, he was a bartender and wrote his first novel entitled the book Term Limits. After being rejected numerous times, he self-published. It made the New York Times bestseller list in paperback.

He then wrote The Mitch Rapp series. The writer was also an advisor for the television show 24. He passed away after a lengthy fight for prostate cancer on the 19th of June 2013, at 47 years of age. The books he wrote posthumously continue to be on the list of bestsellers. The Survivor, written by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills, made The New York bestseller list in 2015.


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