Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6: CIA Superagent Mitch Rapp battles global terrorism in this high-octane sequel of The New York Times bestselling Separation of Power–another chillingly authentic thriller from an author, the political master of the thriller.

Mitch Rapp’s cover was damaged. After leading a group of commandos into Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from joining the nuclear arms race, he was applauded by President Bush as the most significant person fighting terrorists. However, after years of working in secret in the background, Rapp now lives in the spotlight, being praised by the entire nation and a prime target for any criminal from Jakarta to London.

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Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6

As the special adviser on counterterrorism for CIA Director, The director of the CIA, Dr. Irene Kennedy, Rapp, is prepared to lead the fight against terrorists from CIA headquarters rather than on the frontline. This is until a group comprised of Navy SEALs, who were sent to the Philippines to rescue an American family abducted from radical Islamic terrorists, are trapped in a deadly ambush.

The mission was confidential, which is why who informed the enemy? There is evidence that points to that it was the State Department and the Philippine Embassy. However, a bigger threat exists. An unidentified assassin working with the full powers of the Middle East is bent on sparking the war. With the world watching his every move, do you think Rapp can take on this elusive foe and once keeps the conflict from burning?

Inspiring us with an interesting geopolitical mystery that is full of dangerous motives, operatives who are hidden, as well as all the authentic information we’ve to appreciate of Vince Flynn, Executive Power is an explosive story that packs a punch of tension with the speed of a 9mm shot.

The book, Executive Power is considered one of Vince Flynn masterpieces.

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Executive Power Book Read Time

The Normal read time of “Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6” is just over 8 and half hour, nevertheless If you’ve got the hardcover book as I do, then it was easily read in about seven and an half hour. Overall Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6 book was amazing, short read time and simple to understand.

Start with is a wonderful weekend read. If you’re one who enjoys recharging your energies during the holidays, you’ll find “Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6” very helpful.

Executive Power – Mitch Rapp Book 6 Details

Vince Flynn Biography

Vince Flynn was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1966. The year he graduated, he attended the University of St. Thomas and began his career as an account manager and sales marketing specialist at Kraft Foods. The year 1990 was the first time he was offered an aviation-related position within the United States Marine Corps but was disqualified medically before commencing the course.

Instead, he was a bartender and wrote his first novel entitled the book Term Limits. After being rejected numerous times, he self-published. It made the New York Times bestseller list in paperback.

He then wrote The Mitch Rapp series. The writer was also an advisor for the television show 24. He passed away after a lengthy fight for prostate cancer on the 19th of June 2013, at 47 years of age. The books he wrote posthumously continue to be on the list of bestsellers. The Survivor, written by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills, made The New York bestseller list in 2015.


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